Skills Building

Using Social Marketing to Engage with MSM

You are now going to be exploring the use of social marketing such as digital and social media, ‘influencers’ and print and broadcast media in work aimed at MSM.

It is important to remember that in the ‘world’ of Social Media things can change fast and platforms can gain and lose popularity. All the information here is useful across a range of platforms although it is specific to the one being examined. It’s recommended that you check the current situation regarding the use and popularity of the social media platform you are thinking of using to make sure you are using your resources to gain the most impact.

Please read through the following sets of information about social marketing about YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Online Outreach and Social Influencers gathering information and making notes. Each ‘set’ explains the basic information around and steps related to working in these settings.

You have a form to help you gather this information that asks a series of basic who, where, what types of questions. You are encouraged to also think along these lines but asking your own questions of the information, such as:


Platform has the most ‘members’?


Are social influencers?


Would you best do online outreach – Facebook, Twitter, GayRomeo etc.?


Would you use YouTube rather than Twitter?

Social Marketing Data Collection Form

WHO: Does this platform attract?

Three pieces of demographic info, from the information here and your own knowledge

HOW: Could you engage with your audience?

Three points you need to know to use this platform

WHY: Would you use this platform instead of another?

Three advantages this platform gives you, from the information here and own knowledge

WHAT: Intervention/s could you develop for use on this platform?

Three types of intervention

Any additional thoughts or notes?

When you have read the information about all the settings you are to choose one of the areas, and your task to plan an intervention. 

You are encouraged  to consider:

  • Who are you targeting?
  • What intervention? What does it need for it to take place?
  • Why that intervention in that setting?
  • How will it work?

Use the notes you made to help with the task and also make notes plans. You have around 60 mins for this task. If you would find it useful you could try and do a similar campaign using a different setting, or develop and ‘enhanced’ campaign using more than one setting.

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